Brian Cook

Professional Volleyball Player

Lives In: California
Birthplace: California
Birthdate: June 1, 1992
“Hemp and CBD became a huge part of my life a few years ago when I had major hip and knee surgeries. I take it daily before bed and if I’m ever feeling extra sore after a hard day of training on the beach. After trying countless CBD brands I can confidently say that Kyoto Botanicals CBD offers the best product I've ever tried. I especially love that there are no sketchy ingredients hiding behind a “Natural Flavors” label, so I can be sure I’m putting the best product in my body.”

Dan Kosick

Paralympian/Endurance Athlete

Lives In: New York
Birthplace: Upstate NY
Nickname: Danimal

"I had never used any cannabis product until I was 42 years old and decided to try Kyoto Botanicals Warmth CBD tincture to help with the aches and stiffness due to my active lifestyle living with a prosthesis for 27 years. After a 2-month trial of using Kyoto Botanicals Warmth, I became a “believer” and now continue to use Kyoto Botanicals CBD to help relieve my morning aches and joint stiffness from my adventures. I also see improvements in my sleep quality and physical recovery in addition to the other benefits."

Kelsey Robinson

Professional Volleyball Player/Olympian


Lives In: California

Birthplace: Illinois

Birthdate: June 25, 1992

“As an Olympian and professional volleyball player, my body is my job. The stress it undergoes every day, overtime, has caused plenty of aches and pains. Kyoto Botanicals CBD provides a safe, natural alternative to help aid in recovery from my training. When competing at a high level, it’s necessary to know exactly what I put into my body. Kyoto Botanicals has no hidden ingredients and allows people to understand the CBD to THC content in their products. This has provided peace of mind and allows me to do what I do best, compete.”

Ric Savage

Professional Wrestler/Reality TV Star


Lives In: North Carolina

Birthplace: North Carolina

Catch Phrase: Boom Baby!

“I have been pretty hard on my body over the years. I live with a lot of discomfort from my days as a professional wrestler and I will only use natural products to help me find mental and physical relief. So how do I manage my day to day discomfort and stress? Two words: KYOTO BOTANICALS. Ingredients matter, and Kyoto Botanicals CBD products are the absolute best you can buy. And they work. Try it today. You will not be disappointed. I guarantee it. BOOM BABY!”