Doug Smith

Just like Doug Smith, we are trying to help everyone find any little edge possible to help you get more birdies every round. Whether you are looking for something to help calm those jitters on the first tee, focus better during a round, or recover after a round, we have a CBD product for you.
All of our products feature high-quality CBD extracted from hemp that we grow, process and bottle ourselves right here in Colorado, so you can be confident that you are putting the best CBD in your body. We also pair our CBD with only the finest organic ingredients to make sure that our products give you as much of the natural benefits of these plants as possible.
As golfers ourselves, we know these products will do wonders for your game mentally and physically, and your life, because we use them too. Like Doug, I personally use the REST(ful) tincture every night before bed to make sure I get a good night of rest and always keep a pack of gummies and a WARM(th) balm in my golf bag to help calm my nerves and loosen up any sore spots that nag at me during my round.
And to make it even easier for you to discover the incredible benefits of our CBD products, we have a special offer for friends of Doug. Use the following code at checkout to receive 25% off of your order.


Thank you so much for trying us out and take a look under the Learn tab if you have any questions or reach out to me at info@kyotobotanicals and I will be happy to help you out.