Six Benefits of CBD

Life is filled with expectations, responsibilities, schedules, deadlines, conflicts, to-dos, distractions – the list goes on and on. We all want a magic fix to the stresses of our complicated modern lives, but that is just not reality. While all of these things are part of walking the path to success and happiness, it can’t hurt to have something to help bring a little balance to every step along this journey.

This is where high quality, hand-crafted CBD from Kyoto Botanicals comes in. While hemp and hemp-derived CBD have been used for generations throughout the world, cannabidiol (CBD) has only recently begun to find its place in the modern world to help people in many ways for general wellness.

We are intensely focused on quality and consistency to provide a reliable and safe product for you and your family that you can trust and that will provide results you can feel. While there are many wild claims being made about what CBD can do, not all of them are backed by research, so read on to learn how CBD can actually help you on your journey to a healthier more harmonious life. And to learn more about what CBD actually is and how it works, make sure to read our post What is Cannabidiol.

CBD Oil Benefit 1: To help maintain a sense of calm.

Perhaps the most well-known benefit of CBD oil is that it can help to ease your worries and promote a sense of calm throughout the day. Many people find this CBD benefit essential to help them through a difficult day at work or a stressful period in their lives. Our BREATH(e) Lemon Ginger CBD Tincture is the perfect product to help you find your inner calm and can support in calming your nerves, allowing you to be your best in every moment.

CBD Oil Benefit 2: To help you focus despite daily stresses.

Distractions come at us anytime and anywhere throughout the day. With the expectation to be on call and available at a moment’s notice through work or family, it is easy to get distracted and overwhelmed by all of this pressure. Just when things seem to be under control, something new will pop up to try and take our focus from the task at hand. With our CBD Gummies, you can always make sure to have that extra dose of calm on hand to help you relax and focus on the task in front of you. These can help you stay on track by helping to settle your heart rate and clear your mind allowing you to regain focus and control.

CBD Oil Benefit 3: To help post-exercise recovery.

Exercise is critical to maintaining health, strength, and energy levels, but recovery from the soreness after exercising is something we all wish we could have some help with. Wanting to skip out on your next workout because of muscle fatigue and soreness is normal, but with our high-quality CBD, you can have something to help in your recovery every day. Our WARM(th) Cinnamon Turmeric CBD Tincture and CBD Body Balm can work wonders here since it helps to fight against the inflammation that sets in after an active day or a vigorous workout to help you recover faster and stay on track with your goals.

CBD Oil Benefit 4: To help promote healthy sleep.

Sleep is one of if not the most important thing that helps us maintain our health and wellness, both mentally and physically. Both the amount of sleep we get as well as the quality of sleep (determined by sleep cycles) are critical to us starting each day at our best. Even if you are in bed for the recommended hours for your age group, if you aren’t sleeping soundly, you won’t see the benefits of that time spent in bed. Using our REST(ful) Spearmint CBD Tincture every night before bed can help to support and to promote healthy sleep cycles to make sure your body and mind are reaping the full benefits of your time in bed every night.

CBD Oil Benefit 5: To help improve skin appearance.

Your skin is your largest organ and taking care of it is the first line of defense to maintaining your health and wellness. Whether it is the dry winter air, sunscreen and sweat in summer, or just natural skin oil balance that impact us all, CBD and the natural plant compounds in hemp can help to restore, revitalize and calm your skin. With Kyoto Botanicals WARM(th) Body Balm added to your skin care routine every day you can take control of your skin’s health and help to see improvements in tone and balance.

CBD Oil Benefit 6: To help your pet.

Just like you, your dog can and will experience various ebbs and flows in their mood and physical well-being. Whether it is winter keeping them inside more than usual, a thunderstorm stressing them out, or extra activity in the summer causing soreness, CBD can impart the same benefits for your dog as it does for you. Make sure to try our CBD Dog Treats if it seems your dog needs a little boost to their mood, a little to help with daily stress, or a speedier recovery from an active day.

With all of these benefits of CBD oil it is definitely time for you to give it a try for yourself, your dog and everyone else in your life that needs an extra dose of wellness. From the condition of your skin, to support for your daily stress, to the angst of your pet and the recovery of your muscles, there is an effective use and solution with a Kyoto Botanicals CBD product for everyone.



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