Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD and where does it come from?

CBD is short for cannabidiol and is one of dozens of different phytocannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Phtyocannabinoids are plant compounds produced in the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant that interact with our own Endocannabinoid System and endocannabinoids to help maintain homeostasis in our bodies. These phytocannabinoids account for the beneficial wellness effects inherent in the cannabis plant as they help supplement the cannabinoids our body already produces.

Why is CBD so popular?

CBD has exploded in recent years because so many people have discovered the benefits of hemp and its associated phytocompounds. The legalization of hemp in 2018 opened the door for millions of people to discover these benefits and because it is so effective at helping people live healthier lives and the results are there, it just keeps gaining in popularity.

What does taking CBD oil feel like? Will using your products make me feel high?

Since hemp has very low levels of THC, it is extremely unlikely that you will feel any psychotropic effects from taking CBD oil. Organic compounds such as CBD can produce different effects in different people since all of our bodies are different. Therefore, individual results may vary and we encourage people to try CBD for a number of weeks to give their body time to adjust and feel the full effects.

What is THC, and how is CBD different from THC?

THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol. Like CBD, THC is a phytocannabinoid produced by the cannabis plant and is the only cannabinoid that is associated with the psychotropic effects of the cannabis plant - in short what gets you high. 

Is there any THC in your product? 

Most of our products are full-spectrum, so yes, they have trace amounts of THC in them at below the 0.3% threshold set by the U.S. government. As of now, our CBD dog treats and our CBD infused gummies are the only THC-free products available in our line.

What are the positive effects of CBD? What are the negative effects?

People use CBD for a variety of reasons, mostly to help support the body’s natural systems, specifically the Endocannabinoid System. We produce our own cannabinoids - called endocannabinoids - and just like with other supplements, our bodies can benefit from boosting our body’s own supply with those provided by nature, like the phytocannabinoids in hemp. Cannabinoids are an integral part of the human body’s ability to regulate and balance a wide variety of physiological systems. CBD is not known to have any negative side effects; however, taking too much CBD can cause drowsiness, so we recommend taking as indicated on individual product labels.

What is the difference between hemp, marjiuana, CBD, cannabinoids and phytocannabinoids?

Hemp and marijuana are both strains of the Cannabis sativa plant, one of the oldest cultivated plants in human history. The difference between hemp and marijuana is in the cannabinoid profile that each produces. Over time, marijuana has been bred to have high THC and low levels of other cannabinoids in order to increase the psychotropic effects of that strain. Hemp on the other hand was bred for its industrial applications and produces extremely low levels of THC and high levels of other cannabinoids in order to remove any high-inducing effects. In the United States hemp is defined as any strain of the Cannabis sativa plant that has less than 0.3% THC and is fully legal. Marijuana is defined as Cannabis sativa with more than 0.3% THC and is still illegal federally. CBD is one of over 100 phytocannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant. These phytocannabinoids (made by plants) help supplement the endocannabinoids (made by us) that our body naturally produces within our Endocannabinoid System, a body system that help regulate many systems within our bodies.

What does full-spectrum vs. broad spectrum mean

Full-spectrum versus broad-spectrum refers to the presence of THC or not. Full-spectrum hemp (which has trace amounts of THC) extract has the full cannabinoid profile of the mother hemp plant while broad-spectrum hemp extract goes through an additional processing step to completely remove the THC. Due to the Entourage Effect, full-spectrum hemp extract is widely considered to be more beneficial from a health and wellness perspective. However, since it does have trace amounts of THC, for those individuals who are subject to drug testing, broad-spectrum hemp extract is recommended.

Will I fail a drug test if I use these products?

Since everyone’s body is different, there is no definitive answer to this question. Kyoto Botanicals cannot guarantee and does not represent or warrant as to the results an individual may see on a drug test. We advise you to consider the risks of incorrect detection prior to use of this product. If you are concerned about drug testing, then we suggest using a broad-spectrum product that is THC free, such as our gummies.

I am from a state where medical marijuana isn’t legal yet. Can I legally purchase and consume these products?

CBD is not a drug. The Farm Bill of 2018 reclassified hemp as cannabis plants that have less than 0.3% THC. This reclassification removed hemp from the DEA’s controlled substances list and made it legal in the United States. You will not be required to produce a medical marijuana card or a prescription in order to purchase CBD online. Hemp and all of its derivatives, including CBD, were legalized nationwide in 2018.

Are they safe for kids/pets (how do you know - for pets at least)

Our products are not recommended for use for anyone under the age of 18 without first consulting with your primary care doctor. High-quality CBD like ours is safe for pets. We do recommend that you consult with a veterinarian who is familiar with your pet and knowledgeable in the use of CBD oil in pet health.

Will CBD (negatively) affect my other medications?

As with starting any new supplement, we recommend that everyone talk to their doctor before adding CBD to their daily routine, especially if they have existing medical conditions or are on any prescription medications.

Are your products organic and/or certified organic?

While our products are not certified organic yet, our tinctures and topicals are made with over 95% organic ingredients and our gummies and dog treats utilize as many organic ingredients as we can possible. Organic certification is a long and difficult process and because the hemp industry is so new in the United States, there is a long wait list to become organic certified. We expect to have our products certified organic within the next year. We grow our hemp with organic practices and to organic standards as well to make sure our hemp is as high quality as possible.

Who can benefit from taking CBD?

Because hemp extract and CBD have the ability to help support the body’s effort to maintain homeostasis, CBD can be used by everyone, even those who don’t have any specific concerns.

How do you take CBD?

How you take CBD depends on the form that you are most comfortable taking. For those looking for general wellness, we recommend taking our tinctures and utilizing our gummies throughout the day as needed for a wellness boost. We always recommend you try different forms and different amounts per day for a couple weeks in order to find the form and amount that works best for you.

What is the Entourage Effect?

The “Entourage Effect” is a term used to describe the way hemp’s cannabinoids, nutrients, and compounds work together within the human body. While one cannabinoid can be good, taken as a whole these phytocompounds work together to support good health even better - basically that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. So while CBD is great in its own right and rightly gets a lot of attention, an extract that includes other precious phytocompounds, like Kyoto Botanicals full line of products, can help CBD do its job even better and elicit a better response from our bodies as these compounds were designed in nature to work together.

Is hemp seed oil the same as CBD oil?

In a word, no, hemp seed oil and hemp extract (where CBD comes from) are very different. Hemp extract oil is extracted from the resin of a cannabis plant’s flowers and leaves and is rich in phytocompounds. Hemp seed oil is produced by pressing the plant’s seeds and is similar to other seed oils such as corn oil and sesame oil. While hemp seed oil is great and has its own benefits, it does not contain cannabinoids and does not provide the same health benefits asand hemp extract.

What makes Kyoto Botanicals products special/why should I buy Kyoto Botanicals over other products?

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality and best tasting CBD products in the world. We started this company in order to provide products we knew we could trust to our friends and family. In order to preserve the consistency and quality of our mission and products, we fund this business ourselves to avoid any outside influence on how we develop and deliver our CBD products. By owning our own facilities and hemp fields with no outside investors, Kyoto Botanicals is able to create premium quality, clean, all natural products with our first and primary focus on product quality and improving lives.

Where do you grow your hemp?

We grow our hemp on our farm in Wray, Colo., the hemp capital of the U.S. Wray is also where we process our raw hemp into our high quality hemp extract. From there, we mix and bottle our hemp extract in our facility in Longmont, Colo., which is also where our distribution and fulfillment takes place.

Where/how can we buy your products?

Our products are available for purchase on our site at as well as a few select retailers throughout the country.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on our products. If you are not completely satisfied with our products for any reason, simply let us know by email at or through our contact form on We will replace your product or give you a full refund.