Ingredients Matter

We have nothing to hide. 

With our high-quality tincture and topical CBD products, what is on the label is exactly what is inside. That is why you won’t find any catch-all ingredients listed on our label, not even those that are “natural”. We believe deeply in the benefits derived from nature and our products are a direct reflection of that. Each and every ingredient in our tinctures and topicals is derived directly from a single plant source and delivered to you with minimal processing to maintain the benefits as close to nature as possible. “Organic” is more than just a word to us. It is a promise we make to you and to ourselves that every ingredient we include is done so thoughtfully to derive benefit, not only for you, but for the environment as well.

Many CBD products on the market sounds great with their impressive flavors, but when you look at the label, all you see is “Natural Flavors” with no information on what those are. So what are “Natural Flavors”? The truth is, you will never know. Scientists have gotten really good at mimicking flavors by combining chemicals in a lab, and they are not required to disclose what is in those “Natural Flavors”. So that one ingredient listed on the label could actually be 100 different chemicals combined together to imitate a certain flavor a product is trying to achieve. Does that sound like something you want to put in your body? It didn’t to us, that’s for sure.

For our tinctures, we knew we wanted a lemon CBD tincture, a mint CBD tincture, and a cinnamon CBD tincture. We also knew that we wanted minimal ingredients, and only the best ingredients, that would deliver the best tasting product on the market, and one where every ingredient contributes to your overall health. That is why we paired lemon with ginger, cinnamon with turmeric, and used spearmint to deliver flavor with benefits. By selecting these ingredients, and using only organic, whole-plant oils, we are able to deliver benefits to help your mind, body, and taste buds. Combining these ingredients with organic MCT oil derived only from coconuts, not palm oil, and our full-spectrum hemp extract that we grow and process ourselves creates a holistic product that is as close to nature as possible.

We followed the same philosophy when we developed our CBD topical products too. You won’t find any chemical enhancers or stabilizers in our topicals, just ingredients from single, whole-plant sources, because your skin deserves the best. Our amazing scents come from things like organic green coffee bean oil and organic sweet orange peel oil and organic eucalyptus leaf oil. All ingredients that you can pronounce from sources you know without any chemicals made in a lab.

We could have developed these products faster. We could have made them cheaper. We could have made them easier to produce. We could let someone else grow hemp for us. A lot of CBD companies already do that. We wanted to be different though. We wanted to make products without compromise because we wanted to make products for ourselves first. We use these products. Our families use these products. Because of that, we will never compromise on our thoughtfully and carefully selected ingredients.

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