Skin care without compromise.

Clean and effective topicals products.

We developed our topical products to deliver highly effective skin and body care with the cleanest labels possible. You will never find any lab made chemicals or scents in any of our topical products; every ingredient we use comes directly from nature to you. Each recipe includes organic botanical ingredients that work to complement and enhance the natural calming and soothing properties of our high-quality, CBD rich, full spectrum hemp extract. To preserve the quality of our botanical ingredients, we hand mix and hand package each bottle because quality skin care is crafted, not mass produced. And like all of our products, our topical line only uses CBD grown, extracted, and processed by us here in Colorado. Each of our topical CBD products is designed to be used together throughout the day to provide a whole-body skin care routine that will leave your body and mind calmed and rejuvenated.

BREATH(e) Face Serum

Our face serum is antioxidant and nutrient packed with 600mg of full-spectrum CBD and five potent botanical oils to help skin stay refreshed and radiant. When applied each day after washing your face, our luxurious botanical blend will help to calm redness, smooth and even skin tone, and deeply restore your skin’s natural luster.

  • Organic, cold pressed, extra virgin carrot seed oil keeps this face serum extremely lightweight allowing it to absorb smoothly and quickly into skin to help balance skin tone.
  • 600mg of CBD from our full-spectrum hemp extract helps to quickly and visibly calm redness and restore skin.
  • Organic botanical blend, including immortelle and sweet orange oil, calm your skin and your senses to help boost cell turnover and restore your skin daily.

REST(ful) Body Oil

You will find that this incredibly aromatic body oil will do as much for your senses and your mind as it does for your body and your skin. Designed for deep hydration, when applied to your entire body after a shower this body oil will help to even skin tone, calm redness, and smooth your skin. This body oil works great when:

  • Applied after a shower for deep hydration and evening of skin tone;
  • Added to a bath to help calm and relax body, mind, and skin;
  • Used as a massage oil for deep body relaxation and calming of the senses.

We combined 500mg of CBD from our whole-plant hemp extract with a rich and organic botanical blend to create a body oil that is unmatched in sensory experience and results. You will find that this CBD body oil has as much of an impact on your state of mind as it does on the radiance of your skin.

  • 500mg of CBD from our full-spectrum hemp extract helps to reduce redness and even skin tone.
  • Organic lavender and eucalyptus leaf oil helps to boost muscle relaxation and improve your state of mind.
  • Organic frankincense and ylang ylang flower oil promote relaxation and help your skin recover from the stresses of your active day.

WARM(th) Body Balm

Our rich and indulgent CBD balm is handcrafted to target specific areas of discomfort you experience throughout the day. This potent botanical formula helps to nourish and calm problem areas and penetrates beyond the skin to provide deep and lasting relief whenever and wherever your body needs it.

  • 400mg of CBD from our full-spectrum hemp extract helps to soothe skin and reduce inflammation from activity.
  • Organic ginger root, black pepper fruit, clove flower, and turmeric oil work in concert with our CBD oil to penetrate and help provide relief wherever your body needs it most.
  • Organic green coffee bean oil adds a level of deep hydration to allow you to use this balm throughout the day.
  • Organic beeswax creates a rich texture that massages on smoothly and won’t leave you feeling greasy.

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