Living Local

Handcrafted Longmont CBD Products.

Our local Colorado community is a huge part of who we are as a CBD company. As we worked to develop Kyoto Botanicals CBD products, we wanted to ensure that we did everything possible to support our great state and the people who live here. We wanted our products to be more than just high-quality, handcrafted Colorado CBD tinctures, topicals and gummies. We wanted them to help as many people as possible in Colorado through the benefits of nature as well as through the economic investment in our community.

Being a Colorado CBD company starts with having a vertically integrated hemp supply chain that provides Colorado CBD from hemp that is grown, processed, bottled and distributed in Colorado. We support local farmers and workers with our hemp grow and processing operations that are 100% conducted in Wray, Colorado. From there, our high-quality CBD travels to Longmont, Colorado where we own and operate our own facilities and equipment to bottle and distribute our CBD products directly to you. Our hemp and CBD never leave the state of Colorado until we ship it directly to you. By doing this, we not only control our quality every step of the way, but we support local Colorado hemp farmers, workers, economies and communities.

Beyond our local CBD supply chain, we work with partners across the state whenever possible. This local connection goes a long way to improving our ability to deliver the highest quality CBD products to you while also improving quality of life for people across the state. Our packages and labels come from a printing company in Grand Junction, Colorado. The equipment we purchased to bottle and package our Longmont CBD products was built and installed by a Denver manufacturing equipment company. Our not-for-profit partner Romp Global is based in Denver, Colorado. Our lab that tests each and every batch of our products to make sure we are delivering only the best CBD to you is also located in Denver, Colorado.

We are committed to providing our customers and our state with not only the highest quality CBD products available, but also as much local investment as possible. We are from Colorado and want to do all we can to bring the many benefits of hemp, both economic and health & wellness, to as many people as we can. We believe in the amazing power of this plant and hope to make it a lasting economic and health boon for Colorado for years to come. We hope you will join us in supporting our local economies as much as possible.

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