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High quality CBD without compromise.

Kyoto Botanicals originated as a way for us to create CBD oil products that we wanted to personally use. Having worked in the industry before founding this company, we knew that finding high quality products that were safe, effective, and trustworthy was not the easiest task. That’s why we started with the ingredients and from there worked to create trustworthy products- products that we are proud to show you how they are made, every step of the way.

Our high-quality CBD products start with locally sourced hemp extract oil from right here in Colorado. We are proud to partner with Kind Roots Botanicals in Wray, Colorado. Because hemp is an effective bioremediation crop, it is vital that hemp for consumption is grown to the strictest standards, and that is how our friends at Kind Roots Botanicals grow their hemp. Their non-GMO hemp is sustainably grown, pesticide and insecticide free, following organic standards. These growing practices protect natural ecosystems and avoid contamination of the local insect populations, topsoil, groundwater and runoff. This assures that our CBD oil is extracted from the most natural, uncontaminated plant matter possible.

From there, we combine the CBD-rich hemp extract oil with only the finest organic botanical oils to deliver a product to you that not only will you enjoy, but of which we are immensely proud.

By the time our products reach you, you can rest assured that what is in the bottle matches the label on the box, as well as your expectations, because we never let a single product out our doors that does not meet our strict quality standards. That is why our products are third party verified three times throughout the supply chain: once as hemp is still growing in the field, once as extract before arriving at our facility, and once as a final product in the bottle before we release it to sell to you.

We strive to make every decision based on two criteria- what is best for you and what is best for the environment. And our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the organic ingredients that go in our packages as well. We were not content to use cheap paper for our cartons that is not sustainable, so we invested the time and money to source cartons that are made from 80% recycled material combined with hemp fibers.

Our products are the epitome of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. With full-spectrum hemp extract, MCT oil, and botanical extracts your body needs, our products aim to go beyond  CBD oil to deliver a wide array of benefits in a delicious and conscientious package.

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