Living Local

Handcrafted Longmont CBD Products. Our local Colorado community is a huge part of who we are as a CBD company. As we worked to develop Kyoto Botanicals CBD products, we wanted to ensure that we did everything possible to support our great state and the people who live here. We wanted our products to be more than just high-quality, handcrafted Colorado CBD tinctures, topicals and gummies. We wanted them to help as many people as possible in Colorado through the benefits of nature as well as through the economic investment in our community. Being a Colorado CBD company starts with...

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Skin care without compromise.

Clean and effective topicals products. We developed our topical products to deliver highly effective skin and body care with the cleanest labels possible. You will never find any lab made chemicals or scents in any of our topical products; every ingredient we use comes directly from nature to you. Each recipe includes organic botanical ingredients that work to complement and enhance the natural calming and soothing properties of our high-quality, CBD rich, full spectrum hemp extract. To preserve the quality of our botanical ingredients, we hand mix and hand package each bottle because quality skin care is crafted, not mass...

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Choosing the Right CBD Tincture

Which Kyoto Botanicals CBD tincture is right for you? We thoughtfully created our handcrafted CBD tinctures to bring you the positive benefits of nature in a deliciously clean and simple way. No matter what benefits you are looking for out of a CBD product, we have something that should fit well into your daily routine. All three of our great tasting CBD tinctures are crafted with 1200mg of high quality, full spectrum, whole plant hemp extract grown and processed by us locally in Colorado mixed with organic MCT oil derived from virgin coconut oil because we only put the best...

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Ingredients Matter

We have nothing to hide.  With our high-quality tincture and topical CBD products, what is on the label is exactly what is inside. That is why you won’t find any catch-all ingredients listed on our label, not even those that are “natural”. We believe deeply in the benefits derived from nature and our products are a direct reflection of that. Each and every ingredient in our tinctures and topicals is derived directly from a single plant source and delivered to you with minimal processing to maintain the benefits as close to nature as possible. “Organic” is more than just a...

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