Featured in the Liz Moody Healthy Holiday Gift Guide!

Her favorite CBD product.

We are honored to have made the highly curated list of Liz Moody's Healthier Together Holiday Gift Guide. If you don't follow Liz @lizmoody, listen to her podcast Healthier Together with Liz Moody, or own any of her cookbooks then you should definitely change that right now. She is an inspiration to help you enhance your life through healthier and happier living without judgment and without sacrificing joy. We love what Liz represents and are so happy to be included on this list.

Liz has been a proponent of CBD for about as long as it has been around and we couldn't be happier that she included us in her Healthy Holiday Gift Guide for 2020 as her preferred Healthier Together CBD brand. We are the first CBD brand she has recommended to her audience and love that she recognized our commitment to natural CBD wellness as an incredible tool to help each of us be healthier together. Make sure to try out Liz Moody's favorite Kyoto Botanicals CBD product, our WARM(th) Cinnamon Turmeric to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle today.

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